CCC-APT offers opportunities for activities, materials, and relationships that promote a learning community focused on Jungian type and related personality systems, and that support individuals in their journey toward personal growth, professional development, and individuation.

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The Capital City Chapter—Association for Psychological Type (CCC-APT) is a local affiliate of the Association for Psychological Type International, located in Sacramento, California. We share an interest in psychological type, with some interested primarily in research and others in the practical application of type theory in everyday life. Among the topics commonly discussed are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and David Keirsey’s work on temperament. CCC-APT members come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, with positions in business and industry, organizational development, religion, education, and counseling.

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Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings held between October and April, usually at the Sutter Square Galleria, centrally located in Sacramento. The visitor fee is $35 for a half-day workshop, $45 for a full-day workshop (half price for students with ID regardless of workshop length); cash or check only, please (paying at the door is OK). For more information, check out our declaration of values and directions to our meetings.

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Saori Choulos: Inside Out—An Artful Experience

2017/03/16 6:30 pm
2017/03/16 8:30 pm

What we show to the world is our extraverted dominant or auxiliary function. For people with an introverted preference, it’s the auxiliary function (their second best) they show to the world, while extraverts show their dominant function (their best).

In this interactive session, we will explore the introverted dominant or auxiliary function and create an art piece to display our inside out.

Discussion will include:

  • Overview of the introverted perception and judgement functions (S, N / T, F)
  • What is your inner self you wish others better understood?
  • The development and balance between the dominant and auxiliary processes.

Saori Choulos is a certified MBTI® practitioner who has a passion to help people enhance their self–awareness in areas of leadership, cultural competency and career development. Saori is a graduate of Sacramento State’s Executive MBA Program, a Senior Fellow of Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program and Fellow of the American Leadership Forum. She has held several roles at VSP Global over the past 20 years and is active in the community, including serving on boards of Robert’s Family Development Center and Asian Resources, Inc. Saori has INFJ preferences.

This program will be held at the Campus Commons Clubhouse, 650 Commons Dr., Sacramento, CA 95825.

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